Minecraft Intro? Simpsons Did It!


Courtesy: TWoods826 on minecraftforum.net

After being on the air for 25 seasons, The Simpsons continue to keep on trucking through until Fox forcibly yanks the plug up under them. To keep things fresh, Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons was introduced using a parody of Minecraft, called “Simcraft,” in which the Simpsons universe was reimagined using the world of Minecraft.

The nuclear power plant, Jebediah Springfield, the Springfield Tire Fire and especially The Simpsons themselves saw transformations into block art recreations, showing that Fox and current showrunner Al Jean are not above integrating their world with gaming entities like Minecraft. We even get to see Moe Sizlack as a creeper; a fitting choice, knowing the full extent of just who Springfield’s bar owner really is.

The video is below, so check it out before it may get removed from Youtube.


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