Dead Island Epidemic Closed Beta Preview


The first ever Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena (ZOMBA) first revealed back in 2013 at Gamescom is coming to PC soon.  Dead Island Epidemic is a Steam exclusive, and I have had the opportunity for the past few months of playing the closed beta and experiencing the different characters included in the game.

Dead Island Epidemic pits 3 teams of 12 against one another fighting for supplies, holding designated supply points, and battling through hordes of zombies.  This isn’t your average zombie game.

Instead, teamwork is of utmost importance as horde after horde bombards your point all while trying to hold off the competition as you fight for supplies to survive.  The game features regular zombies, mob bosses, and extreme bosses that will require all three teams in cooperation to take down.

Unlike other online battle arenas, you have complete control over your character and their action abilities.  Accuracy can be achieved by moving your crosshairs over a player and swing away as you hack and slash or use abilities to outwit and outsmart your foe.

In addition, crafting makes an appearance in Dead Island Epidemic.

During matches, you can earn blueprints and parts to craft a deadly weapon to use in future battles.  For example, there is the Chainsaw Shotgun or Natures Rifle just to name a few.

Experience is earned for eliminating everything that is not a friendly and the experience points can be used to unlock more abilities for a more lethal armament in battle.

The closed beta has been very limited with the amount of progression and limiting the amount of players per team but so far, the game is very solid.  It has the ability to be the next big multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game while catering to the Dead Island fans.

Be sure to stay tuned to GameSided as we have more opportunities to experience the game leading up to launch and be sure to check out our complete review when the game launches.

Dead Island Epidemic is a free to play MOBA on PC being developed by Stunlock Studios and published by Deep Silver.  For your chance to play the game, sign up for the closed beta!


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