New Shadow Of Mordor Trailer Reveals Oct. 7th Release Date


A new trailer for the first next-gen game (though in an all too common trend, it’s coming to last gen systems as well) based in the Lord of The Rings universe, Shadow of Mordor was released yesterday, and the trailer gives a release date of October 7th.

If you need a brief refresher, Shadow of Mordor takes place between the Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. You are a ranger named Talion whose family was brutally murdered. He gets bonded to a wraith by magic and they set out to find the one who cast the spell and kill them.

Personally, though I am a fan of the LOTR universe, I’m not horribly excited about Shadow of Mordor from what I’ve seen so far. Games based on this license have a fairly spotty track record, and this just looks like another generic action title with the Tolkien universe slapped on to it.

But honestly my biggest problem is that it takes place during the timeline of the books/movies so nothing too drastic to the overall universe can actually happen because it’ll alter the canon. It would’ve been better to have Shadow of Mordor be far outside of those events. Make it like Knights of the Old Republic and be so far in the past none of the titular characters were even born yet, but it would still have all the elements fans like about the series.

With it taking place when it does, you just know it’s going to either be filled with the worst sort of fan service (hey, it’s Gandalf showing up in a random cameo!) or it’ll have none of that because they in fact want it to be its own thing and people will complain because they were expecting to see certain characters and didn’t. That being said, I’ll still likely at least give it a rent. Here’s the trailer for you to check out for yourselves: