Spelunky Mod Puts You In The Metroid Universe As Samus


I’m not usually all that impressed with mods for open-world games. If the mod support is there and the game is popular (i.e: Skyrim), I can trust the internet to do its internet-like creative things. However, for a very deliberately difficult, procedurally-generated puzzle platformer action game like Spelunky to be redone with a Metroid mod is quite remarkable.

A user, known as Joey4Track on Twitter, has created such a modification that is publicly available for download via Mediafire. Instead of playing as a Spelunker in search of treasure, players can choose between various versions of Samus and her power suit in a quest to defeat Mother Brain. To showcase just how authentic the mod is to the iconic game series, Youtuber BaerTaffy played through the game to completion on his Twitch stream Hell run (which was subsequently put up on Youtube).

What makes this Spelunky Metroid mod quite enjoyable is which enemies and items are replaced with creatures and objects from the Metroid series. Anubis is replaced with Ridley, Olmec is replaced by Mother Brain, the ghost is replaced by a Metroid;almost every detail of Spelunky’s interactive objects are replaced by something within the Metroid mythos. It it fascinating just how much thought and effort went into creating this mod from scratch.

Spelunky itself is available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita. Check out the video down below just to get a better idea for yourself how the Spelunky Metroid mod works, even if you can’t stick around for the entire thing.


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