Release Dates For The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Announced


Opting to provide new episodic content much quicker than between Episode 1 and Episode 2, Telltalle Games will release Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us next week. According to IGN, “A Crooked Mile” will be released on PC and Mac worldwide and on PS3 in North America starting Tuesday, April 8th. The episode will also see a PS3 Europe and worldwide Xbox 360 release on Wednesday, April 9th. Presumably, the iOS and PS Vita versions of the game will come later down the line.

The neon-noir mystery tale has players in control of Bigby Wolf from the Fables comic book series, set some years before the events of comic issue #1. Using investigative deduction, dialogue choices and QTE-based combat, Bigby must discover who has been behind several grizzly murders of characters from legendary fable tales and stories past.

Episode 3 puts Bigby hot on the trails of his number one suspect after discovering key evidence at a crime scene. Further descriptions would create spoilers for those who have not played the first two episodes, however it does appear that we see more of the fabled versions of The Wolf Among Us’ characters, as opposed to their appearance made for the human world.

Check out The Wolf Among Us Episode 3, “A Crooked Mile,” on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 starting April 8 next week. The episode trailer is also available below.

(Caution: Contains spoilers from previous episodes)


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