PlayStation Vita Pets Eyes June 3 Release Date


Looks like PlayStation is pulling out all the stops to appeal to PS Vita fans’ insatiable dog simulation needs. According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Vita Pets is coming to the PlayStation Store on June 3. With the name “PlayStation Vita” in the title, it is safe to assume it will be exclusive to Sony’s handheld device.

PlayStation Vita Pets looks to combine both dog simulation and the sense of adventure. After choosing one of four dogs, train it properly, dress it up and get it ready, you and your dog will venture forward on a Castlewood Island adventure, seeking a lost king and his dog companion.

Old mines, forests and graveyards are just some of the destinations you and your pet will encounter on your quest. A properly trained dog will help you progress in the game, as the pet’s crawling, digging and jumping abilities are essential to get further into the game. It may be no Killzone: Mercenary, but it’s an adventure, nonetheless.

PlayStation Vita Pets rolls out on June 3 for PS Vita owners through the PlayStation Store.


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