No April Fooling – Hellraid: The Escape Is Real, Coming To iOS In May


It’s not often that PR people have to assure the gaming industry that a game is real, but that’s what happens when announcements go out on April 1. Shortbreak Studios sent out more information today to confirm that its upcoming iOS game, Hellraid: The Escape, is quite real, and is slated for release in May.

Developed in cooperation with Techland (of Dying Light and Dead Island fame), Hellraid: The Escape is being called an action-adventure game but also contains some elements that call to mind puzzlers like The Room. Players take on the role of a sorcerer who must escape (hence the title!) from an otherwordly prison to have any hope of regaining his soul. Preventing a demonic invasion of Earth would just be icing on the cake.

Shortbreak is touting console-quality graphics built on Unreal Engine 3, an engaging story set firmly in the Hellraid universe, free exploration and intuitive controls. Producer Andrzej Koloska says that post-launch updates with new levels and puzzles are already in the planning stages.

I’d say that’s all the proof necessary to convince me this game was no April Fools’ Day gag. If you’d rather see it to believe it, check out the debut trailer right here: