Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 4/1/14


(Editor’s note: You may want to take the daily news with an extra side order of skpeticism today, seeign as it’s April 1st.)

"Google has just posted a listing for its new “Pokémon Master” position via YouTube, and I’m obviously more than qualified to get the job.Well, not really. The augmented reality component of this announcement appears to be Google’s April Fools Day stunt for this year, the latest in a list of elaborate pranks that includes a toilet-based ISP and a dating site. Unlike those pranks, though, this year’s April Fools gag does appear to be an actual game of sorts.The video depicts a possibly-not-all-that-far-off augmented reality game in which players use their phones’ cameras to see Pokémon inserted into the world around them. The actual game is somewhat less involved."

Ars Technica

"Ah, it’s been a great day for April Fools’ pranks this year, what with Google treating us to a worldwide pokémon outbreak and car maker BMW unveiling its “ZZZ” series sleep machine (any others I missed?). And now, Capcom – the Japanese company behindvideo game greats such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man – has announced that it is launching special dubbed versions of its top titles.That’s right, folks, all of your favourite Capcom games are now available in neko-go“cat language“, allowing Japan’s nyan population to join in the gaming fun.According to a video released last night, Capcom Japan has received dozens of letters over the years from cat owners asking for dubbed versions of their games."


"Warface, the free-to-player shooter from Crytek, has reached 25 million registered users worldwide, the developer has announced.The game launched in Russia back in April 2012 and rolled out in North America, Europe and Turkey in October 2013. Launches in Korea and Brazil also took place in 2013.Crytek plans to launch in China later this year, followed by Japan and Taiwan."