Disney Magical World 3DS XL Getting Western Release [update]


UPDATE: The limited edition Disney Magical World 3DS XL will only be available at Walmart. It will retail for $199.96 and will not come bundled with the game.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo will be releasing a limited edition 3DS XL alongside upcoming game, Disney Magical World. In an incredibly savvy move, the video game giant is teaming with Disney to promote the release of both the game and the system.

Behind-the-scenes photos from an upcoming promo show Disney Channel star G. Hannelius, from Dog With A Blog, interacting with actor Cole Penderly and checking out the device on set.

A quick Google search will show that there are dozens upon dozens of special 3DS XLs available. Unfortunately, some of the best have only been sold in Japan. Even worse is the fact that, since Nintendo has recently implemented a region-locking stance, importing one of these limited edition handhelds is practically useless.

This is what the Japanese model looks like.

Thankfully, Nintendo thought it best to bring one of the most attractive designs stateside.

Disney Magical World launches April 11. The special Mickey Edition 3DS XL system will be available at Walmart; while not outright regarded as exclusive, no other retailers have been confirmed to carry the device. No price point has been announced yet and it has not yet been confirmed if the limited edition portable console will come bundled with the game.

Most special 3DS designs – like the Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team models – come with a free download of the appropriate game. Here’s hoping!

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