Sounds like the wait for Minecraft..."/> Sounds like the wait for Minecraft..."/>

Minecraft on Xbox One: The Wait Is Almost Over


Sounds like the wait for Minecraft on the Xbox One is almost over!  Phil Spencer, (Microsoft Games Studio’s Chief) told IGN that after talking with Minecraft developers 4J Studios, he felt that “we are getting really close” to having the game finished.  Spencer went on to say that Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft) was very excited about the “quality for the Xbox One”.  With the prospective virtual reality version scrapped, the Minecraft developers will be moving quickly to put the finishing touches on this new release.

There are a lot of people anxiously anticipating the release of the Xbox One version, and this news seems like their wait is nearly over.  Minecraft has been a wildly successful franchise for 4J Studios, and the Xbox One version will likely continue that tradition.  No official date has been released, so stay with Gamesided for updates about Minecraft and all other upcoming or pertinent gaming news.