Seemingly after the dust has settled on the recent Seemingly after the dust has settled on the recent

Chad Gutstein Named New CEO Of Machinima


Seemingly after the dust has settled on the recent Machinima investment round, the company has named a new CEO. Announced in a press release, the new CEO is Chad Gutstein, the former COO of Ovation. He’s hoping to bring his knowledge working in the field of arts and television business to the online gaming network.

Mr. Gutstein:

"I’m humbled by the opportunity and excited by the promise at Machinima. Machinima is a pioneer in the online video space and virtually invented the MCN business model.  It isn’t every day one is offered the chance to grow a global, category leading consumer TV brand with a massive and highly engaged audience. We plan to profitably grow our business with engaging original programming, nurturing the best affiliate channel partner program, and creating innovative solutions to help marketers reach our young, male and highly mobile audience."

The goal for Chad Gutstein is to bring as much success to Machinima as he did to Ovation, which saw a viewership reach increase from 5M homes to over 55 million.

What I found interesting is the approach they are looking at going forward. With roughly 55% of Youtube’s overall viewers being females, going strictly after the male audience may be a bit shortsighted. Yes, males are a great majority of the gaming and gaming content audience, but narrowing your content for one half of the demographic may yield diminishing returns over time.

However, Chad Gutstein is the one with the CEO role for Machinima. With the success they’ve been having lately, maybe they will stick with what works now, looking towards the future.


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