Online Retailer Profits Off Humble Bundle Games Charity


There will always be people who do whatever it takes to get an extra buck, even if it means to actively profit off the means of a charity drive. That’s what I was utterly heartbroken to hear in a Game Informer report that Fast2Play has been buying Humble Bundle Keys (likely at the lowest cost possible of $1) and reselling them on their website. Ed Key, co-creator of Proteus, confirmed the suspicions when he purchased one of the keys and cross-examined it with his list of issued keys.

While probably not illegal by the flimsiest of technicalities, there is a strong argument that what this company is doing is highly immoral. These keys are sold with the intention of providing games to the purchaser at whatever they choose to pay for, with a split between the site, the game creators and the involved charities that is up to the users. By selling these keys through their retailer, Fast2Play is profiting off of each group’s effort, with the disgusting bonus of screwing over charities.

There have been changes made to the way bundles operate lately that involve getting games to an account rather than strictly providing keys to be given out freely to anyone, so it doesn’t look to be an ongoing problem. Still, it is quite disappointing that there are still some sacred boundaries that are crossed in this world, especially when it comes to the simple act of access to video games.


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