Future Publishing Laying Off A Third Of Its US Staff


In an effort to move its print-based business exclusively to the UK, Future Publishing will be laying off a third of its US staff, according to GamesIndustry.biz’s Matthew Handrahan.

While there are no intentions of ceasing operation of any of its many US brands, all print publications based in the US will be centralized in the company’s UK offices. That means that all roles, including marketing, production, and editorial content direction, will be handled by teams in the UK. The US branch will instead focus exclusively on the company’s ever-growing digital content.

The move isn’t surprising, considering that around 60% of the company’s advertising is gleaned from digital production. In September of last year, the company cut 55 jobs in its UK office in an effort, “To adapt it more effectively to the company’s rapid transition to a primarily digital business model,” said CEO Mark Wood.

Future publishes dozens of magazines, covering all areas of interest, but most notably video games and technology. You might recognize the company as being responsible for long-running publications like Nintendo Power and PlayStation: The Official Magazine. While both of those unfortunately closed after 24 and 15 years, respectively, Future is also the company behind popular sites like GamesRadar and Gizmodo.

This news comes a day after Wood announced that he would be stepping down, with CFO Zillah Byng-Maddick taking over the role come April 1st.