Prepare your "Game of the Year" lists, because the clear favorite is coming. Sp..."/> Prepare your "Game of the Year" lists, because the clear favorite is coming. Sp..."/>

Goat Simulator Is Apparently Real, Despite April Fools Launch Date (Trailer)


Prepare your “Game of the Year” lists, because the clear favorite is coming. Spawned from a game jam session one fateful night, Goat Simulator is really a real game, is super legitimate and is heading to Steam on April 1st (April Fools Day). Everything about it sounds too crazy to be true, but it is. Even its launch trailer is silly, placing a goat as the star of a parody of the Dead Island reveal trailer.

Essentially, the goal of Goat Simulator is to score points by destroying objects and annoying everyone and thing in sight. It plays like a skateboard game free roam mode, in which the skateboard is replaced by a goat. Devoid of overrated gaming cliches, like “Plot,” or “Story,” or even “Purpose,” the emphasis is on being as silly as possible while employing intentionally buggy physics.

While it may not be the reinvention of the wheel, there is something to be said about games that are as pure and simple as possible. Especially when going for the humor angle, something that more titles should get involved with. Video games, while gunning to be taken seriously as an art, should embrace all aspects of life, especially when it comes to the unappreciated form of goat trolling.

Goat Simulator will be released on Steam starting April 1st for $9.99, while those who pre-ordered the game on the website can get access starting tomorrow. Check out the launch trailer below.


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