Focus Home Interactive And Rogue Factor Show Off Mordheim: City Of the Damned


Turn-based strategy with RPG elements and unit customization set in the world of Warhammer … do you need to hear more?

Though it made an appearance at GDC, Mordheim: City of the Damned was officially unveiled today by developer Rogue Factor and publisher Focus Home Interactive. It’s certainly not the first game based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe, but it is the first to be set in the ruined Empire city of Mordheim after it was mostly destroyed by a comet.

Set in the aftermath of that calamity, City of the Damned puts players in charge of a warband battling against rival groups to control important neighborhoods in the city and gather powerful Wyrdstones. Warbands can be aligned with famous Warhammer factions like Skaven, Possessed, the Sisters of Sigmar and Mercenaries from the empire, and units can be evolved and customized with experience and gear earned in battle.

Dead units are lost forever, and even wounded ones could lose limbs or worse, so every decision is important. Solo and multiplayer modes will test every player’s ability to use the varied terrain in Mordheim to the best effect.

No platforms have been announced for the game just yet, and the release date is still a murky “late 2014.” Until more news comes out, this first set of screenshots will have to do the job of whetting your appetite.