According to a story on

According to a story on

PS4 To Get PSOne And PS2 Support, More Info On VR


According to a story on VG24/7. Sony is set to receive PS One and PS2 classics that will include native 1080p support.

These insights come from Ahshan Rasheed, who posted these items on twitter along with some more info on Sony’s upcoming VR device, Project Morpheous. According to VG24/7, while nothing is confirmed Rasheed has a very good track record for revealing accurate leaks.

I’m honestly kind of lukewarm on Project Morpheus and VR in general at this point. I wouldn’t be horribly comfortable wearing headgear that essentially makes me blind to the outside world, and if VR is me having to do motions I’m completely out (though it’s sounding more and more like that will at least be optional). Of course I’m saying this based on trying VR years ago when it was extremely primitive. These new models may completely change my mind if I actually get a chance to try them out.

I am interested in the PSOne/PS2 classics being released on the PS4 though. 1080p is nice but this throws up a lot more questions than it would give any answers. How does this affect Playstation Now? What will the pricing of these titles be? And probably most important, if I already own these on PS3, can I get them at least at some kind of discount ala the Wii U where if you already own the virtual console game on the Wii you can upgrade it for a buck? Sony including something along those lines would get me a long way towards committing more to my PS4 and inching ever closer to dumping my PS3 completely.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What do you think of Sony classics being released on the PS4? Project Morpheus and VR in general? Sound off!