Perfect World Releases New Swordsman Trailer


Perfect World Entertainment wants you to get your kung fu on, and it figures showing is better than telling.

Okay, technically, its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Swordsman has a lot more than just kung fu. It’s a martial arts extravaganza, transporting players into the wuxia novels of author Louis Cha in dynamic fashion. The new trailer below shows a little bit more of the game world, including the events that start your character on his or her journey to uncover the truth behind the fall of Lone Sword Village. It also shows some of the game’s locations, places like the Shaolin Temple, Wutang Mountains and Fu Giu City.

Characters can choose from 10 classes that correspond to the Great Schools of martial arts, and the initial trailer hinted at combat that includes some truly wild special abilities. Perfect World is accepting registrations for the Swordsman closed beta now, so don’t miss out on the chance to put your destiny in the palm of your hand!


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