Young Man Destroys Stepfather’s Harley After He Turns Off Xbox


This past Thursday proved to be quite a tough afternoon for one stepfather in St. George, Utah.

When he came home from work he asked his 19 year old stepson to turn off his Xbox.  He went outside to grab the mail, allowing time for him to turn it off.  When he returned, he noticed that the Xbox was still on and so he reached down and turned it off.  This is where things turned dramatically different.  Immediately upon turning the Xbox off, Alec Young, (the stepson) began to scream and throw two remotes at his stepfather.

According to the police report, the stepfather ran across the street to call 911 and while awaiting arrival of the police, Alec grabbed a knife and began punching the stepfather’s 2009 Custom Harley Davidson.  The motorcycle was reportedly valued at $40,000.

The assault of the bike continued when the young man, according to St. George officer David McDaniel, got into his 2000 Nissan Maxima and proceeded to drive into it.  It was reported that the motorcycle received damages worth in excess of $25,000.

The young man then fled the scene driving to a friends house upon where the police officers found him and arrested him.   After calming down Alec said “he acted out” when he threw the remotes.  He said that he attacked the motorcycle “in rage” and that he had done “everything on purpose”.

Young told police that he did not take his last two doses of his anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medicine and felt this played a role in his behavior.  He was charged with two class B misdemeanors and second-degree felony for domestic violence criminal mischief.