WildStar Preview


WildStar is one of the most anticipated MMORPG games of 2014 being created by Carbine Studios with a slated release of June 3.  The genre has been attempted by a lot of studios and have failed to implement enough changes to maintain a large fan base such as World of Warcraft.

Only time can tell whether an MMO will survive, but WildStar definitely has more potential than any other MMORPG released in the past decade!

A Planet Craving Exploration

WildStar is a sci-fi tale that takes place on the planet Nexus.  Two factions fight for the rights of Nexus, a planet abandoned by a master race that left a vast amount of resources to any new inhabitants.  Unfortunately, the two factions just can’t agree to share.

The Dominion are a scientifically advanced race that claim Nexus is a part of their legacy to conquer, and The Exiles are an alliance of refugees driven from their homelands who are looking for a planet to call home.  Each faction has multiple classes to choose from all offering different attributes.

In addition to classes, there are four different paths a player can choose from.  Paths create the “reason” behind your character and what their specific purpose on Nexus will be.

For example, the “Scientist” has come to Nexus to study its exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and ancient technology.  Utilizing a powerful, upgradeable Scanbot to scan creatures and uncover lore, the Scientist is living proof that knowledge is power!  Another example is the “Explorer.”

Explorers travel the wild frontiers and often travel to the most dangerous places on Nexus, claiming territories for their faction by finding hidden paths, exploring secret caves, and climbing the tallest mountains.

Creating a Whole New Experience

You definitely won’t find any elves or dwarfs on Nexus and that’s one hell of a good thing!  WildStar pulls from sci-fi lore already established, such as Star Wars, and implements new lore to create a beautiful planet. From large mountainsides, wintery slopes, fields of wheat and waterfalls, to monkey infested jungles, the planet has many landscapes aching for exploration.

However, the art isn’t what makes the game.  The combat system is where the game shines.

WildStar utilizes a dodge and roll, double jumping, aiming skill approach.  This game is not a button smashing MMO and if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere.  Instead, players need skill and practice.

Different types of abilities are unlocked as a player ranks but the ranks have to be purchased from a vendor.  And with a different style skill tree called AMPs, WildStar has many different avenues a character can take.  This is refreshing as so many MMOs hinder a character at launch, later adding more content but by that point it’s too late as players have already left.

Nexus is big, really, really big.  I have spent nearly 24 hours in the game and have barely put a dent in the first zone (excluding the training zone).  There are so many different activities to keep you busy for hours without even touching the main story quests.

For example, the Explorer has different missions that are dispatched as you explore the zones.  Many of the missions include climbing to the highest points of the zone to plant beacons that relay information back to Destiny, the mother ship of the Dominion explorers.

In addition, players have many different traits they can train for.  Some include blacksmith, crafting, cook, etc.  Each of these traits carry their own quests to help rank your character.

Other paths help cater to your playstyle.  That’s what WildStar is about, allowing players to play how they want to play instead of being forced to play a certain way.

Now lets not forget the most important aspects of the game – story quests, PvP, arenas, adventures, dungeons and many other different activities such as raids.  Joining a game via the group finder function is met with a breeze.  Utilize the drop down box to select which type of group/activity you’re looking for and that’s all there is to it.

Carbine has opted to stick with the fundamentals of proper dungeon questing and added new elements to make the quests much more fluid.  Players utilize a Datachron, a handheld communication device, that allows for on-the-go quest turn-in and keeps players from having to track back to the original quest-giver.

WildStar’s boss encounters are phenomenal.  The bosses are gigantic and are detailed in every way possible.  Teamwork is of the utmost importance when it comes to the bosses.  Fail to work as a team?  You will experience the consequences.

WildStar implements three different types of social integration – friends list, your circles, and a guild.  The friends list is exactly that – a list of friends at the touch of a button.  Aching to group together as a small group and run into the wild (no pun intended)?

Then create your very own circle, with the ability to create up to five different circles at any given moment.  Think of the circles as mini guilds.  You can name them, create small rank structures, and run together much easier than you can with a friends list.

Then you have guilds.  Guilds are one of the foundations for any MMO and are for the hardcore gamers looking for a massive support system at your fingertips.

An MMO for the True MMO Gamer

WildStar was created for the diehard MMO fan, and from what I have played, it doesn’t fail in any way.  As a diehard MMO fan, I have not been more excited for a game since World of Warcraft.  Wildstar will be the new MMO that everyone will be talking about years down the road as more and more people discover the planet Nexus.

The wealth amount of content will cater to veteran fans of the genre in addition, cater to any newcomers.  If you’ve been waiting for a new MMO to pick-up, then Wildstar is the one.  Carbine Studios has really put together an epic game and WildStar will only get better as time passes!

Pre-order WildStar now for your chance to play the game during Carbine Studios’ scheduled pre-order beta weekends from now until launch on June 3rd – www.wildstar-online.com

Look for me on the planet Nexus – BigNemesis18.  I will be the Draken Spellslinger out exploring the tallest mountains on the planet!