Mega64 Presents The Legacy Of Ken Kutaragi (Video)


The story of Ken Kutaragi is one full of success, innovation and praise. However, some may not know the true story behind Mr. Kutaragi’s hardships in bringing the PlayStation to life. That’s why the thoughtful video game historians at Mega64 have brought it upon themselves to create a short film called, “Kutaragi’s Way.” It highlights the action-packed history of “The Father of the PlayStation.”

Their version of Kutaragi’s history may be a bit askew of the real life events, opting for comedy instead of “being accurate in any way, shape or form.” While Nintendo may have had something to do with the PlayStation releasing in 1995 instead of earlier, some may doubt Kutaragi went around town shooting his enemies, threw the CEO of Nintendo off the roof of a building or had people’s heads run over by a car.

What’s fascinating is that Mega64 actually had Ken Kutaragi act in one of their videos. Past notable guest stars in their videos include Hideo Kojima, Gabe Newell, Cliff Bleszinski and Shenmue director Yu Suzuki, so it is not entirely out of the question.

Check out the Mega64 totally-legitimate history of Ken Kutaragi below.


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