Mark Sanchez Receives Hilarious Madden 25 Tribute Video


Mark Sanchez hasn’t had the best time lacing up for the Jets. Disappointment after disappointment has led to the team releasing him early into the past weekend, after trades were no longer possible.

Although the consensus is that it is for the best for the team, some fans just can’t let go off their franchise quarterback that easy. That’s why one fan created a “touching” Mark Sanchez tribute video, dedicated to one of his more momentous events during his stay with the New York team.

That’s right, a fan recreated the butt fumble in Madden 25, including Mark Sanchez colliding right into the rear of Willie Colon (just perfect!), with Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” playing overtop. Even though, in real life, Sanchez collided with Brandon Moore, the concept and message is still there. It is simple but quite remarkable; Sanchez’s exploits will be gone, but not forgotten.

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