Remember Macgyver<..."/>

Remember Macgyver<..."/>

MacGyver Game Being Developed For Mobile


Remember Macgyver? Well it’s being reborn as a mobile game according to Shacknews.

In case you either don’t remember or are just too young, Macgyver was basically about a super smart guy who foiled criminals (usually the environmental kind) with nothing more than whatever was around him since he never carried a gun. Honestly the episode I remember the most clearly was probably the weirdest. He hit his head and woke up in King Arthur’s realm, having to help defeat the evil Sorceress Morgana. Yeah, it was weird.

The game (most likely) won’t have any concussion-induced time-traveling fantasy segments, however. It will focus on MacGyver-inspired puzzles, according to developer Fairplay Media. In announcing the game, Fairplay Media Ceo Simon Phillips commented that “to most people MacGyver is a household name that conjures up so many fond memories of puzzle solving, ingenuity and doing ‘a MacGyver'”.

Series creator Lee Zlotoff is also involved and is pretty excited to bring back the iconic 80s hero: “We’re excited to be able to bring MacGyver up to date and into the mobile games market,” he said. “Games are the perfect way for Mac to start new adventures with both the existing fans and an entirely new global audience as well.”

It also appears that this is planned to be a series of titles as the article states that the first game is targeting mobile platforms, but doesn’t mention any specific plans of future games. It most likely depends on how well the first game performs.

Granted, taking some ancient license and throwing it out there for a quick cash grab is nothing new, and at first glance this certainly seems like that. It shouldn’t be hard to make a halfway decent mobile puzzle game so hopefully a quick cash grab is not what Fairplay Media is aiming for here.