Who likes Chinese food? The reason I ask is that this week's slate of new video gam..."/> Who likes Chinese food? The reason I ask is that this week's slate of new video gam..."/>

New Game Releases — Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls, BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode Two, And More


Who likes Chinese food?

The reason I ask is that this week’s slate of new video game releases is sort of like a Pu Pu platter. There’s nothing that’ll make you drop everything and make you rush to the store or stay up late to download it ASAP, but there’s a selection that may have something you’d enjoy. We’re talking new DLC and expansions for multiple popular games, the arrival of a famous indie game on Sony platforms, and other random odds and ends.

Of course the urban legend is that after eating Chinese, you’re hungry again just a short time later, so hopefully that doesn’t hold true for these games. I’m an optimist, so I’m thinking you’ll be just fine. And if not, the nice thing about the video games industry is that there’s always next week!

On to the games!

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode Two DLC (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) – March 25

Could the latest BioShock Infinite DLC out-Thief the recent reboot of that game? It just might thanks to the new “1998 Mode,” which supposedly allows you to cater to people who want to defeat the game’s challenges without killing. Stealth rules.

This will be the final new content for BioShock Infinite, and sadly, it also appears to be the end of the road for Irrational Games, at least as we know it now. It’s tough to believe that a studio responsible for the BioShock series isn’t going to be making AAA games, but that’s the crazy nature of the video games business. One thing’s for sure: you can bet that Ken Levine will be heard from again, as will many of the former Irrational team members.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PC, Mac) – March 25

Hey, new stuff for Diablo III! This expansion raises the level cap to 70, debuts a new character class (Crusader), introduces a more free-roaming Adventure Mode, and more. I’m not up on my lore for this game so you can hunt around online to see how Reaper of Souls adds to the game’s overall story.

In case you needed extra incentive to buy this, Blizzard is offering free Hearthstone cards for anyone purchasing it during launch week: one pack for the standard edition and three packs for the digital deluxe or retail collector’s editions. And I know you guys and girls all like Hearthstone, right?

Fez (Ps4, PS3, Vita) – March 25

Does anyone know if Phil Fish’s retirement from the games industry is still valid? Or have we reached the point where we don’t care? His highly regarded indie creation is soldiering on without him, with Polytron finally bringing it to Sony platforms.

Hilariously, there’s actually been some discussion about what resolution the game will run in on PS4. Um, folks, when we need to discuss Fez‘s resolution, we all have a serious problem. I mean, it’s like an obsession with some gamers. Just let it go, at least for games like this.

Total War: Rome II — Hannibal at the Gates (PC) – March 27

It’s not a good thing when Hannibal is at the gates. If he gets in, he may decide to dine on your face. What’s that? Wrong Hannibal, you say? In that case, never mind!

Poor jokes aside, this second expansion for Total War: Rome II focuses on the Second Punic War and the showdown between Hannibal and Scipio Africanus. You may need to recall your middle school world history classes to remember who those folks are. Three new factions also join the fray, including Syracuse. Go Orange! Aw crap, wrong again …

Also releasing this week: The Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3) – March 25; BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS3) – March 25; Cut the Rope: Triple Treat (3DS) – March 25; Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC) – March 25; Deception IV: Blood Ties (PS3, Vita) – March 25; Destiny of Spirits (Vita) – March 25