Godus To Determine Fate Of God Games, Peter Molyneux Claims


Peter Molyneux, designer of such games as the Fable trilogy, the original Dungeon Keeper and Black & White, has put a lot of pressure on himself to make sure that Godus becomes a success. Because, as implied by him in an interview with GameSpot, the fate of God games depends on Godus.

“If Godus doesn’t exist, there are going to be no God games left,” Molyneux told GameSpot. He went on to state that, “There is nothing like Godus that I have ever played before. It’s not like any game that has existed before.” Finally, Molyneux claims it will do things no game has ever done before.

While Peter Molyneux is highly regarded as bringing popularity to the God game genre with Populous, he has also regarded as being disingenuous at times about the scopre of what his games actually provide. He has admitted to over-promising on features of upcoming games to members of the press, some of which were, “Made up,” to prevent journalists from falling asleep. Explicitly in regards with Godus, at one point development of the game introduced gems players could pay for with real money, despite no mention of microtransactions included in his Kickstarter pitch. Even with them eventually removed, it is arguably unfair to say that without Godus an entire genre of games will no longer exist.

Godus is currently in development right now, but for $19.99 players interested in the title can enter the Steam Early Access build.


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