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New Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer Reveals More Story Details


Square Enix is really going outside of their usual comfort level to publish Murdered: Soul Suspect. The action-adventure ghost murder investigation game is headed for consoles and PC June 3, and their new story trailer may provide viewers more questions than answer old ones (which may be their ideal motive).

We already knew from last year’s E3 that the game stars the recently-deceased Ronan O’Conner, who was thrown out the window of a Salem home and shot seven times in the chest. As a ghost, he needs to discover who murdered him, why and help bring him to justice before he can move on. However, this new video reveals an unknown female who has seen the same fate as him. My guess is that she was murdered by the exact same ghastly creature, and it appears as though Ronan is helping to solve her murder at the same time.

The companion PlayStation Blog post offers further info, but still does its best to keep Murdered: Soul Suspect’s mystery intact. The pillars that appear to hold the game together are crime scene investigation, exploration and supernatural combat. While they do mention that combat is necessary to change the game’s pacing, my hopes are that developers at Airtight Games focus the least on that section. There are enough games that deal with action-adventure combat, but not nearly enough titles that can pull off a great murder mystery.

Murdered: Soul Supsect comes out on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on June 3rd. Check out the new story trailer below.


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