Editorial: 10 Games That Need An HD Remaster

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1. Rogue Galaxy

Developer Level-5 is one of my favorite developers. Simply put, Rogue Galaxy is far and away my favorite PS2 game. I’d rank it above Final Fantasy X or XII. I’d rank it above Kingdom Hearts I or II, I’d rank it above Persona 3 and 4. You get the idea. It’s masterful fantasy story-telling with great characters you enjoy spending time with (which is good because the game can take over 100 hours if you are trying to do everything) along with a unique and fun combat system. The customization is kind of insane levels of great as well between the skills and weapons. Why we’ve never seen a sequel is beyond me, but I think I remember something about it being massively expensive to make at the time and it may not have made that money back even if it sold well. Even so, it really deserves a chance for a whole new audience to discover it. I admittedly would very much settle for a sequel though.

And that’s the list. Got any favorite classics you’d like to see get an HD remake? Leave them in the comments below!