Editorial: 10 Games That Need An HD Remaster

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2. The Persona Series

This may seem an odd choice at first. Persona is an on-going, incredibly popular series. The fifth entry is due out in Japan this year some time, and something like 3 spin-offs are coming out this year. But that fifth entry is coming out on PS3. Persona 4 originally came out on the PS2 in 2011, when many had long abandoned that console for newer ones. Sure it got a port on the Vita, but who owns a Vita (well I do, but generally speaking, no one owns a Vita)? We need a nice big HD collection that includes at least the main series entries and possibly the spin-offs put out on next-gen. Otherwise I’ll still be holding onto my PS3 for Persona 6 & 7 as well and honestly I just don’t want to do that.