Rumor: EA To Publish Titanfall 2, Will Not Be Microsoft Exclusive


Gamespot is citing an unnamed source that has given them some prime details on the sequel to the Xbox One hit Titanfall. Most notably, that it will be coming to PS4. Meaning that if you already have a PS4 and a little bit of patience you won’t have to drop another $500 just to get your Titanfall fix.

It should be noted that EA has taken the usual “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation” response, so nothing is confirmed at this point. But this is the sort of thing that seems fairly obvious.  Third-party exclusives are virtually non-existent; it’s just too much money being left on the table that even Microsoft probably isn’t willing to match. This in addition to the fact that it’s pretty clear from Respawn’s Vince Zampella that Titanfall was never intended to be a Microsoft exclusive, really made it seem like just a matter of time before PS4 owners would get to experience Titanfall in some shape or form.

Again, nothing in this article is 100 percent confirmed, and we could easily find out that Microsoft has in fact backed up the money truck and locked up the Titanfall franchise until the end of time — though I would honestly think they’d invest more time and money into franchises they themselves own such as Halo, which while not direct competition to Titanfall, is also a futuristic sci-fi military shooter.

This also brings to mind that in terms of multiplayer shooters, next gen is already very crowded. Titanfall benefits by being one of the first, but by the time the sequel hits, we’ll have had Destiny, Halo, a new Call of Duty and a new Battlefield, along with a seemingly endless host of others. It will be interesting to see if Titanfall 2 can make the same kind of big impact when there are so many other multiplayer shooters out there vying for dominance.