Upcoming PS4 Firmware Update Boosts Sharing Capabilities


Both gaming content creators and gaming fans alike will be excited to hear that the upcoming PS4 firmware update 1.70 will feature upgrades to the console’s media sharing capabilities. As noted on the PlayStation Blog, players will be able to better edit videos with a new editing tool, export their video clips to a USB and, most importantly, will see the HDCP copyright protection cap be removed for better use with 3rd party video capture devices. No longer are the days where Facebook uploading is near mandatory.

Furthermore, Sony has been working with Twitch and Ustream to improve the quality of output on these services. The goal with the upcoming PS4 firmware update is to provide 720p streaming, as well as allow the archiving of Twitch livestreams broadcasted through the PS4. Further updates are to come in the weeks leading up to the release of this upgrade.

While those aspects of the PS4 firmware update are great to build further upon, it still leaves fans wondering where some of the meatier updates are. DLNA service support, the ability to pause downloads, background themes, suspend/resume gameplay and other promised functions of use are yet to see release. Hopefully those “further updates” down the line pertain to at least one more issue taken care of before the next big firmware update is live.


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