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Lead Designer Of Infamous Second Son Leaves Sucker Punch


According to the story on IGN, lead designer of the PS4’s biggest title to date, Infamous: Second Son, has left developer Sucker Punch.

"The longtime video game industry veteran confirmed his departure on Twitter when the question was brought up. “Thanks. I’m excited for people to get their hands on [Infamous: Second Son]. And yes, I have left [Sucker Punch],” Griesemer wrote. “Not really talking about it yet, tho.”“We can confirm that Jaime Griesemer is no longer at Sucker Punch Productions,” a Sony spokesperson told IGN. “We are grateful for all the tremendous work he put into Infamous Second Son, and we wish him the best in his next endeavors.”"

This is the latest in a long line of industry shake-ups with the head writer of Uncharted leaving Naughty Dog, the lay-offs and cancellation of an unannounced project at Sony Santa Monica and of course, Jack Tretton leaving Sony.

This may seem to some like the sky is falling in the video game industry, but it’s really just business. It’s the end of the financial quarter, and the gaming industry is extremely fluid. Tretton most likely left because he’s been at Sony for two decades and wants to do other things. The lay-offs at Santa Monica are a common place thing because unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of job security in the video game industry. But it also usually doesn’t take long for the talented individuals to land on their feet somewhere else, or even be re-hired for a new project by the same company because they are staffing up for it. Of course this might also lead to them being without a job again when the project winds down or if it is canceled; that’s just the cycle. Don’t be surprised if we hear a lot of similar stories around this same time next year. That’s just the industry norm, really.