IGF Awards 2014: Papers, Please Wins Excellence in Narrative


The IGF Awards got started tonight in San Francisco, CA and for Excellence in Narrative, Papers, Please took home this award. This is the puzzle game from indie game developer Lucas Pope that focused on the emotional toll of working as an immigration officer. It decided who to let in and who should be excluded from entering the fictional dystopian country of Arstotzka.

The game saw players inspects arrivals’ of documents and uses an array of tools to determine whether the papers are in order, for the purpose of keeping unwanted individuals, such as terrorists, wanted criminals, or smugglers, out of the country.

When discrepancies are discovered, the player can interrogate the applicant about the discrepancy, and possibly demand further information, such as fingerprints or a full body scan. There are opportunities for the player to have the applicant arrested and the applicant may, at times, attempt to bribe the inspector.


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