Housing Comes To Star Wars: The Old Republic In Galactic Stongholds Digital Expansion


One thing that a very vocal portion of the MMORPG fanbase seems to love is housing. Everyone wants a place to call their own, apparently.

Housing is one feature that’s been noticeably absent from Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that’s about to change this summer. Thanks to the Galactic Strongholds digital expansion, every player will be able to have a home on one of the capital worlds or the gambling mecca of Nar Shaddaa (where you’ll find my place, given my real life love for Las Vegas) by the end of August.

BioWare hasn’t unveiled all the details just yet, but the few things we already know sound promising. Strongholds will be largely customizable, and there will be a real purpose to decorating them as doing so increases a character’s Prestige score. Your Legacy can own multiple Strongholds, you’ll be able to invite friends over to check them out, and you’ll have access to a new kind of storage shared by every character in your Legacy.

As with previous digital expansions for The Old Republic, Galactic Strongholds will have a three-tiered rollout that will grant access to the new housing features earlier for players who pay more to play. Subscribers will gain early access on June 24, Preferred Status players will join in on July 29, and everyone else will get in on the fun in August, with an exact date yet to be determined.

To incentivize people to subscribe, anyone who is a subscriber by May 11 will receive a Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with three additional rooms unlocked (valued at 1.5 million credits), plus an exclusive Stronghold label and character title.
Want to know more? Just hang tight and watch the Galactic Strongholds announcement trailer: