GameSided Greatest Game of All Time: First Round

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Chrono Trigger Region

#1 Chrono Trigger vs. #16 Pong

Chrono joins a diverse cast of characters in an unforgettable SNES RPG experience. Players utilize combat combinations with other teammates to perform deadly attacks as the group attempts to defeat Lavos and save the world. One of the earliest arcade and home video games, Pong lets players control paddles in an attempt to knock a simulated ball behind their opponent’s paddle line of defense. Doing so earns you a point, and having more points than your opponent leads to victory.

#2 Pokemon Red/Blue vs. #15 Phantasy Star Online

Experience the wonder of battling pocket monsters in these classic Gameboy entries. Collect up to 151 wonderous Pokemon, collect gym leader badges, defeat the Elite Four and your rival to become the very best that no-one ever was! Renowned as the first MMORPG to play on consoles, this Sega Dreamcast game features players hacking and slashing in real time action in an RPG setting. Phantasy Star Online sets the tone for the MMO genre by having players undergo quests, level up and add new equipment to be stronger than your fellow live players.

#3 Final Fantasy VII vs. #14 Street Fighter IV

This iconic RPG series (Final Fantasy) makes its release on the PlayStation, and in 3D, for the first time. Cloud, Tifa and others depart from Midgar in order to defeat the Shinra Corporation and, more importantly, antagonist Sephiroth. An iconic tale of mystery, redemption, loss and acceptance. Play as Ryu, Chun Li, M. Bison and more in the 4th main entry in the Street Fighter series. Practice is perfect, as this stylized fighter relies on timing, combinations and keeping on your toes.

#4 Metal Gear Solid 3 vs. #13 Tony Hawk Pro Skater

The first game in the stealth action series’ canon, play as Naked Snake as he performs Operation Snake Eater. He must destroy the stolen weapon Shagohod, defeat Col. Volgin’s regime and kill the American defector (and Snake’s mentor), The Boss. Failure would surely result in a global war. Or, Lace up the shoes of Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Elissa Steamer and more in this revolutionary skateboard game. Pull off sweet tricks, both street and vert, while collecting valuables and earning tons of points

#5 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim vs. #12 God of War

The adventures of Tamriel take us to Skyrim, a land inhabited by gruesome creatures and magical beasts. It is up to you as the Dragonborn to vanquish Alduin before he completes his prophecy to destroy the world. Skills, quests and gameplay is mostly up to the player’s freedom. In God of War, players act as Kratos in the first title of this epic character action saga. Players must defeat Ares to become free of his services and ascend to the title of the God of War. Hack-and-slash action combines with button prompts and platforming to make up this PlayStation exclusive.

#6 Dark Souls vs. #11 Fallout 3

Prepare to die again and again in the mythical world of Lordran in Dark Souls. Play as a cursed warrior in search of the story’s answers through item descriptions and NPC interaction. Defeating enemies and bosses alike requires keen skill, observation and patience. You will die; it is in rebirth that one must learn. Two hundred years after the world’s apocalypse, and the world still keeps turning. Follow in the footsteps of your father and escape from the sanctuary of Vault 101 and traverse the Capital Wasteland. Perhaps you can solve the world’s water problem while defeating robots, mutants and other ungodly foes.

#7 Mass Effect 2 vs. #10 Batman: Arkham City

Commander Shepard returns to action with a familiar crew depending on the events of the original Mass Effect. RPG meets cover shooter with magical abilities, as Shephard travels the universe in an attempt to defeat the Collectors. Batman returns to the Arkham series through unfamiliar circumstances; he is captured and placed in Arkham City. Hugo Strange, Riddler, Bane, Harley Quinn and the Joker return as the Dark Knight works to defeat his foes using his combat knowledge and utility belt.

#8 Uncharted 2 vs. #9 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Nathan Drake returns to action in Uncharted 2 in order to uncover the mystery behind Marco Polo’s famed voyage from China. Cinematic action, treasure hunting, cover-based shooting and puzzle solving are key themes once again, beginning with one of the more memorable opening sequences to a video game you’ll ever see. Experience the Star Wars universe through the eyes of the d20 RPG system. Choose your words carefully with a robust variety of dialogue options. Become a Jedi and use your powers for light or the dark side.