Today, SteelSeries released some exciting news abo..."/> Today, SteelSeries released some exciting news abo..."/>

New Sensei Wireless Mouse From SteelSeries And CloudSync Compatability


Today, SteelSeries released some exciting news about their upcoming and highly anticipated new gaming mouse, the Sensei Wireless.   It was announced that they would begin accepting pre-orders for the new mouse today.  They are available for ($159.99/€159.99 MSRP). In the same press release, they also announced that the SteelSeries Engine 3 CloudSync compatibility would launch later this week.

The SteelSeries Sensei has always been regarded as one of the world’s best tournament mice, and according to the SteelSeries website, the new wireless Sensei achieves an “industry-leading 1-millisecond response time”.  In other words, there is no “detectable lag”, essentially creating a wired mouse that is wireless.  This seems like an incredible break-through in gaming mouse innovation and one that I can’t wait to get my hands on.  In the release, SteelSeries CEO Bruce Hawver said:

"Until now, a wireless gaming mouse meant compromising performance in exchange for removing the wires. We believe gamers should not be forced to make any sacrifices when it comes to their gear and that wireless doesn’t have to mean there are accepted limitations. The Sensei Wireless finally delivers what gamers should expect in a wireless mouse.  On every mark, the Sensei Wireless hits what is considered a tournament-level gaming mouse. We have also delivered it in a beautiful package, with customizable illumination and the industry’s most durable 30-million-click switches. These features are all backed by the power of SteelSeries Engine 3, now available with CloudSync."

The SteelSeries Engine 3 is the newest software powering the Sensei. It is loaded with updates, including the opt-in cloud support which launches this week.  This will enable gamers to access all of their saved peripherals from anywhere they might be playing.  The CloudSync offered will be available to all peripherals that support the Engine 3.  The list of products supported can be accessed here.   If you are interested  in pre-ordering the new mouse, or would like to read more about it, you can access the SteelSeries website at

If you have ever used the wired Sensei, then you understand just how good the SteelSeries mice are.  The notion of having the same capabilities as the original in wireless form is perhaps too good to pass up.  Stay tuned to Gamesided for more details on this and other SteelSeries products.