Amazon Set Top Box Not A Box, But May Stream PC Games


Don’t look now, but Amazon might be poised to make an even more aggressive move into the gaming market than previously expected.

Rumors have been floating around about a set top box to play Android games, along with pictures that might show what an Amazon game controller would look like. But a recent report by TechCrunch quotes sources making two interesting claims: Amazon will be releasing a dongle or stick-shaped device instead of a box, and it could have the ability to stream full PC games at 30 fps. Think of it as merging Chromecast with OnLive.

If true, the Amazon device would go beyond being an Android microconsole that just happened to be the product of a gigantic company, instead positioning itself as a low-priced alternative for people who want to play PC games and also take advantage of some streaming video. It’s certainly a more intriguing proposition for gamers than a box that simply played Android tablet or smartphone games on a bigger screen.

Amazon can also do one thing that other companies can’t, which is to price the thing to sell. It’s got the ecosystem of games and video already, and as the TechCrunch piece mentions, the server capacity to make streaming games a reality without too much trouble. Expect the rumors and leaks to keep coming, hopefully followed by an official announcement sooner rather than later.