Year in and year out, SCE San Diego continues to improve upon itself with each new additi..."/> Year in and year out, SCE San Diego continues to improve upon itself with each new additi..."/>

MLB 14: The Show To Feature Revamped ‘Road To The Show’ Mode


Year in and year out, SCE San Diego continues to improve upon itself with each new addition to their baseball simulation franchise. MLB 14: The Show looks to be no exception, as the game’s designer has explained on the PlayStation Blog today.

In this update, Mr. St. John details the changes coming to this year’s “Road to the Show” mode. Baseball’s version of a “Create-A-Player” mode sees a lot of an improvements over what was a giant upgrade in last year’s edition. Creating a ball player means you will come from either the West, Central, East United States or from the International market. You will take place in an Amateur Showcase over three games, which will allow you to show off just how fast, versatile, powerful or strong you are in all facets of the game.

After the showcase, you are then evaluated by teams and drafted. Players will now have the option to join up with their drafted team or go to college for several years to work on their skills. This will increase your age, but will also give you another shot at a team you better prefer over time.

Once you are with a team in MLB 14: The Show, Road to the Show takes even further changes. Instead of promotions/demotions over set times based on advancement goals, you will be judged by your team based on the in-organization competition. You could see yourself end up being like Oscar Taveras and be blocked by the Cardinals’ excellent major league outfield or jump from AA to the majors if you’re a stud on a team like the Marlins or Astros. How you upgrade your stats is completely up to you; your team won’t guide you along a certain path anymore.

An important addition in training points is how they are scored. Not only do you need to do well at the plate or on the mound, but you have to do well on the field, too. Making rudimentary baserunning or fielding errors can cost you points beyond just errors and caught stealing. Additionally, points per stat scale as to avoid unrealistic stats on players maxing out everything at 99. Sony looks to legitimize every aspect of their game.

MLB 14: The Show will be out on PS3 and PS Vita on April 1. The PS4 version will come out on May 6th. Check out the game’s Road to the Show improvements in the video below.


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