Why is Sonic wearing a scarf? What's with all the bandages? When ..."/>
Why is Sonic wearing a scarf? What's with all the bandages? When ..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 3/16/14


"Why is Sonic wearing a scarf? What’s with all the bandages? When did Knuckles start working out? These questions and many more were on the lips of Sonic the Hedgehog fans worldwide when longtime game developer Sega unveiled Sonic Boom earlier this year. The announcement described Sonic Boom as taking place in a parallel universe to the existing Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, complete with its own cartoon series, children’s toys, and two new video games for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, respectively. Sega was also quick to point out that Sonic Boom is not a replacement for the existing Sonic. Instead, think of it as a complement in the same way the Ultimate Marvel series complements Marvel comics, or Mega Man Legends complements Mega Man.The announcement also included a new look for Sonic and some of his friends, a look that took the Internet completely by surprise. Love ’em or hate ’em, these new designs are what Bob Rafei and his team at developer Big Red Button have been obsessing over for the past three years"


"The Elder Scrolls Online is slated to arrive on PC on April 4. With the big day rapidly approaching, Zenimax Online is taking player feedback from the game’s beta to heart and making some adjustments to the adventure’s opening hours and to some of the game’s combat.Zenimax is also anticipating high demand for ESO’s opening week. With that in mind, the developer is adding additional overflow servers, in the event of higher-than-expected demand. While overflow servers are meant to be temporary and won’t allow for PvP or guild access, anything earned in an overflow server will remain with your characters after returning to a main server."


"The developer behind the widely popular Frog Fractions has taken to Kickstarter to fund his next expedition into edutainment video games, Frog Fractions 2. Players already familiar with Frog Fractions will feel right at home with the promotional video, though it might leave newcomers to the series a bit confused. Luckily for those newcomers, the original game is available in its entirety, for free, online. Play the game for five minutes and everything will make sense.Frog Fractions 2 is seeking $60,000 in funding, the majority of which is going directly to living expenses for the developer while he finishes the game."