Sony Worldwide Studios Says The Last Guardian Still Exists


According to Scott Rohde, head of Sony Worldwide Studios development, The Last Guardian is still being made. The highly anticipated third entry in Team Ico’s collection of critically acclaimed games, The Last Guardian was formally announced for the PlayStation 3 in 2009 during E3.

The game itself has been in development since at least 2007, so the fact that we’re nearing almost seven years without even so much as a release window makes it exceedingly difficult to imagine that the project is anything more than vaporware at this point.

But fans continue to hold out hope. Honestly, it was the reason I purchased a PS3 in the first place, and it’s the main reason I got a PS4. It’s also the reason why Rohde’s recent comments to IGN, combined with the supposed PS4 leak that happened last month, have got me more excited than I have any right to be.

“I actually like talking about The Last Guardian,” Rohde said. “I love that people are still interested in it. That’s an honor to us. That’s not just me spinning… It’s really cool that people are still interested in it, and we’re trying to make the best thing we can out of The Last Guardian.”

Predictably, he wouldn’t acknowledge which platform the game would be coming to. Frankly, I have doubts as to whether or not the game will live up to my increasingly absurd expectations, but as long as it comes out before the PlayStation 5, I’ll be pleased.