Nintendo have announced that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. will featu..."/>
Nintendo have announced that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. will featu..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 3/15/14


"Nintendo have announced that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. will feature a stage based on Tomodachi Collection. Tomodachi is a life simulator game similar to The Sims and Animal Crossing in which we control our Mii, and it’s only released in the Japanese market so far. However, it was pretty successful there, selling over 3 and a half million units on the DS, and over a million and a half on the 3DS.This Tomodachi Collection stage joins the Animal Crossing: New Leaf stage that Nintendo announced last month Super Smash Bros would have on the 3DS."


"There was no changing of the guard in the United States last month as new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft continued to battle for top billing. The race in February was so tight, however, that the pricier Xbox One actually managed to pull ahead of the more popular PlayStation 4 in dollar sales.Market research firm NPD Group on Thursday night released its numbers for February video game sales, showing once again that software sales continued to slide despite the recent debuts of the Xbox One and PS4. According to the firm, retail sales of new video games came in at $328 million in February, down 11% on-year.Despite its age, NPD said that the top-selling video game title in February was Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts."


"Six images of an Amazon-branded video game controller have been published in a document on ANATEL, Brazil’s equivalent to the Federal Communications Commission.The images show hardware that resembles the Xbox One controller, with offset analog sticks, A, B, X and Y buttons in a diamond pattern as well as shoulder buttons and triggers. The controller also sports dedicated play/pause, forward and reverse buttons, presumably for controlling media through services like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. According to ANATEL documentation, the controller, which was certified last November, is Bluetooth enabled. It runs on two AA batteries and has a hardware battery indicator.Amazon has long been rumored to release a set-top box that would include a video game component."