Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 3/14/14


"Game rental options have been spotted on the US PlayStation Store.The ability to rent PS3 titles will be enabled with the launch of PlayStation Now, which is currently in closed beta.However, a rentable version of Catherine was spotted on Sony’s digital marketplace by PSN Stores, seemingly confirming that the service will let users stream rented titles for one, seven or 30 days, although the functionality isn’t yet enabled."


"Epic Games and Firefox maker Mozilla have showcased Unreal Engine 4 running straight out of a browser.The latest technological leap requires no plugins and yet can run Epic’s Soul and Swing Ninja demos at “near-native” speeds."

"Five-year-old Joel Green, whose terminal cancer is the focus of upcoming game That Dragon, Cancer, passed away this morning. “Joel took his last breath at 1:52 a.m.,” his father Ryan Green wrote on his website today.That Dragon, Cancer tells the story of the challenges Ryan and his wife Amy faced during Joel’s life. It will touch on the trials of the experience, as well as the lighter, more hopeful moments. Green is working on the game with his friend Josh Larson."


"Dying happens a lot in Dark Souls II. How often specifically? Millions of times since the game’s release yesterday.As of this writing, there have been roughly 1.3 million deaths on the 360 version, and almost 3 million deaths on the PS3 version. Most of the deaths are from enemies, with fall deaths a close second and traps in third. Phantom invasions do not even come close."