Free-To-Play Martial Arts MMORPG Swordsman Announced By Perfect World


Had your fill of MMORPGs based in fantasy or sci-fi settings? Perfect World has an alternative on the way in the form of the free-to-play martial arts game called Swordsman.

Currently in alpha, Swordsman brings the wuxia novels of Louis Cha to life in MMO form. Features include ten different class-defining martial arts schools and real-time battles against rival school members and the Ming government. Perfect world is also touting the game’s new Angelica III engine, set to deliver smooth animations, detailed character models and changing environments.

“We’re constantly looking to add to our library of games,” Perfect World Entertainment’s GM of Publishing, Andrew Brown, said in a press release. “Bringing Swordsman to a Western audience is something we’ve wanted to do all along.  With its rich story and engaging gameplay, Swordsman is a cultivation of our previous and successful titles we’ve brought over from our parent company Perfect World Inc.  We’re currently in an alpha testing phase and the game simply looks amazing.  We look forward to bringing it in to closed beta to give players the chance to check it out for themselves, so stay tuned!”

Speaking of the closed beta, you can register now for a chance to participate at There’s also a pretty sweet announcement trailer, which you can see below.