Xbox Gamerscore Champion Stallion83 Has Reached 1 Million Total


He’s done it. He’s finally done it! Ray Cox IV, better known as “Stallion83” on Xbox, has finally reached 1 million in total gamerscore. He completed his lengthy quest by earning the “I Like A Challenge” achievement from the Microsoft exclusive Titanfall, making sure that everyone could witness history live on his Twitch channel.

It’s been a great couple of months for Ray. He was on hand for the festivities at the Xbox One launch, in which he received a lifetime Xbox Live gold membership card in addition to an ultra rare white Xbox One console and controller. Additionally, he was on hand to party up with the developers and executives at Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment at the SXSW Titanfall launch party this Monday (where he seemed to be the only person playing the game who wasn’t visibly inebriated).

That white Xbox One, as well as playing Titanfall online via Xbox Live Gold serves as a fitting way to say thanks to Microsoft for helping Stallion83 to break into the million gamerscore points total. Congratulation, Ray! Here’s to a million more.

Update: The VOD is now online! Skip to 3:44:50 if you want to see the end moments.

Watch live video from Stallion83 on TwitchTV


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