PopCap Hit With More Layoffs


Just weeks after it was announced that PopCap was being split into two studio teams (HD and Mobile), reports are now surfacing that the company has been hit with a round of layoffs.

“The changes we made today at PopCap were painful and we’re sorry to lose some of our friends and colleagues,” studio general manager John Vechey said in a released statement. “But it was also necessary in order to stay on course with our future plans for mobile games, live services, and new IP.  PopCap is a studio that made its name building great games that the world can fall in love with, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Electronic Arts confirmed to Game Informer that the PopCap HD studio was not affected by the layoffs. However, the company refused to state just how many people were let go by the company.

Mike’s Musings: It doesn’t matter the number of people let go, the fact of the matter is that people lost their jobs. There is nothing good about mass layoffs, and hopefully those impacted can get back on their feet sooner rather than later. 


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