GREE Unleashes Android Exclusive RPG Rage Of The Immortals Today


It’s time to rise up and throw off your corporate shackles.

Not in the real world (though sometimes we all feel that way!), but in the world of Rage of the Immortals, a brand new free-to-play RPG developed by IUGO Mobile Entertainment and published by GREE. The game is exclusive to Android and is available now on Google Play.

The corporation in question is Hyperion, Inc., and it’s out to rule the world of Rage of the Immortals by any means necessary. The only way to stop it is to gather a team of six fighters with superpowers based on the five elements. The fighter pool goes over 190 deep, and choosing the right ones to train and develop adds a layer of strategy to the game as well.

Rage of the Immortals ties together our passion for RPG mechanics and free-to-play mobile games,” Ken Chiu, GREE Sr. Vice President, Social Games, said in a press release. “It has a great balance of RPG features, competitive player-versus-player combat action, and great social experiences – all backed by a gripping story that will leave players wanting to uncover the mystery behind Hyperion’s evil ways. Our goal is to build great game experiences that our players will love as much as we do – and this game does just that. Stay tuned for more great content as we bring new events to Rage of the Immortals.”

Along with the single-player struggle to defeat Hyperion, players can face off against human opponents for extra rewards. Players can also team up via a full range of social features, allowing friends to add their powers to each other’s squads.

GREE and IUGO are looking for Rage of the Immortals to be another successful collaboration after teaming on a previous RPG, Knights & Dragons.

“This title stands as one of the most exciting and ambitious games we’ve ever created, and we are extremely proud to get to combine our brand of narrative-driven adventure with the character and depth of our favorite fighting games,” Hong-Yee Wong, CEO of IUGO Mobile Entertainment, said via press release.  “Rage of the Immortals represents a huge amount of content and passion, and we look forward to growing this universe into something truly memorable for both new and existing fans.”

Look for more on Rage of the Immortals here on Gamesided next week, including an interview with the development team. Until then, here’s the launch trailer for a taste of what’s to come.