WildStar Release Date Revealed In Pre-Order Trailer


The sci-fi MMORPG developed by former World of Warcraft team members will be released on June 3. The WildStar release date was revealed in a pre-order trailer, which provides a glimpse into the comic sensibilities of the game while trying to sell you on its merits.

Amid the hilarious narration that highlights the setting and motif of WildStar is the pre-order incentives. Starting March 19th, pre-ordering WildStar will net you access to beta weekends, give you full access to the game three days early (on May 31st), an exclusive rocket house and trophy, an in-game storage bag and other collectibles. When playtime across the MMORPG genre is waning year after year, you need to provide as many incentives as possible to get gamers to play.

Still, the June 3rd WildStar release date means that initial peaks of interest in The Elder Scrolls Online may have faded in time to give WildStar a chance. Bethesda has reportedly put hundreds of millions of dollars into their project, with a lot of that money going towards marketing. It will be interesting to see how WildStar will do in its early months.

WildStar will be coming to the PC on June 3. Check out the pre-order trailer below.


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