New Fable Legends Q&A Video


In case you need a refresher (because it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything on it beyond the initial announcement), Fable Legends is a new game in the Fable series that will be exclusively on Xbox One and features four heroes (which can be player-controlled or A.I.) taking on a villain that is player-controlled. This new Lionhead Q&A on Fable Legends, featured in an article on The Official Xbox Magazine’s website, mentions some of the gameplay elements the team at Lionhead is implementing into the game.

One of Fable’s most popular features is a canine companion who is nearly always at your side, helping you find treasure or even in battle on occasion. While the developer was coy about definitively saying whether or not you would have a dog in Fable Legends, they pretty much hinted at it being in the game.

Areas won’t change much from one quest to another, this will in turn allow people who want to play villains to better remember the environment for strategies to combat the heroes. There will however be new maps and quests to download, which may be free, paid DLC, or a mix of both. Lionhead also hasn’t determined whether Fable Legends will have a free-to-play structure or be a normal full-priced retail title.

Fable Legends will be the first Fable game developed without the guiding hand of series creator Peter Molyneux, which may make some fans of the series wary — though frankly, even in his better games,  Molyneux has a long and storied history of promising the moon and not delivering anything close to his initial vision. Fable II is arguably his most well-rounded and best game and even that had many planned features that Molyneux himself talked up greatly completely cut or drastically compromised. Hopefully this new team will innovate while being realistic about what they can achieve and not promise fans a bunch of things they can’t possibly deliver.