The time is right for a year-round pro Street Fighter league The time is right for a year-round pro Street Fighter league

Capcom, Twitch Team To Present Capcom Pro Tour


The time is right for a year-round pro Street Fighter league.

At least that’s how Capcom and twitch feel. The two companies recently took the wraps off of the Capcom Pro tour, a system of premier events, ranking tournaments and online tournaments that will lead up to a 16-person showdown in December at the Capcom Cup to crown a true Street Fighter king.

Ten players will qualify by winning the premier events, seven of which have already been named. The first one is Final Round, which takes place the weekend of March 14-16 in Atlanta. The list also includes Evo 2014 in July and two tournaments outside the U.S.: the South East Asia Majors in Singapore and Dreamhack Winter in Sweden.

The field for the finals will be rounded out with the six players who score the most points in both premier and ranking events. Points will be awarded to the top 16 finishers in both types of tournaments, including retroactive points for the SoCal Regiuonals that took place a few weeks ago. Other ranking opportunities will take place at big name shows like PAX East, E3 and San Diego Comic-Con, though spots are also available for other tournaments to apply for ranking event status.

Early events will be contested using Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, with Ultra Street Fighter IV taking over after its June release. Twitch will stream all of the premier events live on its Capcom Fighters channel, while ranking events may be streamed through other platforms depending on their individual streaming deals.

For more details, a complete schedule of events, news and more, head over to the dedicated Capcom Pro Tour website at