This is it. You've stood by for Titanfall ever since its reveal at last year's ..."/> This is it. You've stood by for Titanfall ever since its reveal at last year's ..."/>

Titanfall Midnight Launch Stores, Launch Party Information & Other Details


This is it. You’ve stood by for Titanfall ever since its reveal at last year’s E3, and tonight is finally the night when you can pick it up and see it for yourself. Forget all the haters, resolutionistas and people who want to see the Microsoft exclusive fail; tonight is a night for celebration.

Whether it’s in-store events, big gatherings or midnight releases, there is something for every fan going on today. With less than 24 hours to go before the standby for Titanfall is over, let’s go over just what exactly is going on across the United States and Canada in advance of the Titanfall launch.


The huge Austin, TX event held for music, film and interactive conferences will set the stage for a huge internet gathering and live party leading up to the midnight release of Titanfall. Xbox’s Major Nelson revealed on his blog that Xbox Corporate Vice President Yusuf Mehdi will be presenting with Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella and Community Manager Abbie Heppe over the night’s proceedings. Giveaways, gameplay, developer conversations and a musical performance by Childish Gambino himself hope to entertain event goers on and offline.

If you happen to be one of the billions of people who don’t live near Austin, the event will be livestreamed starting at 11 PM Eastern tonight at For those interested in the series’ future, you can expect some sort of relevant information to be announced! My guess is discussing upcoming DLC maps, but anything and everything is up in the air.

Microsoft Stores

If you’re looking to score some sweet Microsoft prizes while you wait for the Titanfall midnight release, Microsoft Stores North America-wide may be your best bet. Up to $2,000 in prizes are up for grabs, including Titanfall Xbox One bundles, Titanfall controllers, Titanfall merchandise and others. Plus, if you pre-order the game at a Microsoft retail store you can get a $10 Xbox digital gift card.

To find a location near you, use their store locator. You can find participating locations for both Canada and the United States.

GameStop Locations

Held for both Titanfall and Dark Souls II releases (both excellent-looking games in their own different worlds), GameStop stores will be open throughout the United States a lot later than usual. Depending on the location (and by experience), some places will put up TV’s and play early for onlooking customers. Seeing how there are not one, but two huge games coming out on the same night, your best bet is to show up in line early. Don’t be surprised if you see a formidable amount of people ahead of you even if you show up straight from a 9-5 job.

Xbox Canada/EB Games

Just because Americans are holding big events doesn’t mean that Canada can’t follow suit! If you happen to live in Canada’s most populous city, Toronto, then you may be able to swing by the Tattoo Rock Parlour as early as 8 PM for non-VIP guests. Like at other big events, you can expect Titanfall gameplay, giveaways, swag handouts and more. Perhaps you might even bump into some people from Xbox Canada at the event!

Outside of Canadian Microsoft Stores, there may not be any other official Titanfall midnight parties or events. Call you local store(s) to see if anything is going on. Otherwise, Canada may be hung out to dry on this one.