Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 3/8/14


"Grand Theft Auto V has managed to become in just a few months one of the most successful releases of 2013. Despite being played by so many gamers, more are still waiting for the game to be released on PC. Unfortunately this release of the game has yet to be confirmed.A possible release date has surfaced online today. According to, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is going to be released on September 19th in the UK."


"US retailer GameStop has added a $10 markup to its pricing for the PlayStation 4 Camera as demand massively outstrips supply.The camera’s official MSRP is $59.99, a price honored by most outlets since the console’s launch. But a recent shortage in supplies amidst ‘high demand’ for the peripheral has seen the camera sell out at most major retailers.GameStop has responded to the supply shortage with a price hike – the camera is currently listed for $69.99 on the GameStop website."


"Spellgun is making its debut today as a startup that will take games made in the West and launch them in the Chinese mobile market.Spellgun is a joint effort between Concept Art House, an outsourcing firm that makes art for video games, and Talkweb, a publicly traded Chinese company that runs a huge distance-learning business. The companies plan to make it much easier for Western game companies to enter China, one of the most important markets in the future of games."

"Under the arrangement, Talkweb is investing money in San Francisco and Shanghai-based Concept Art House. Spellgun will be a sister company, which will be headed by Concept Art House chief executive James Zhang. The new startup is designed to make it easy for Western game makers to trust it."