Mario Kart 8: Will There Be A Track Editor


After a listing from the online store stated that Mario Kart 8 would feature a track editor, the internet began to buzz about the inclusion of a feature that. for years, fans have been clamoring for its addition. After reaching out to Nintendo for comment, Gamesided has received a response back from a Nintendo representative about the feature and whether it will be in the upcoming game, or not.

In a cut-and-dry statement to Gamesided, Nintendo stated that they have no statement to give about the matter at this time.

"Right now, Nintendo will not be issuing a statement on this matter."

Take that for what you will, but it sounds like they are waiting to announce the feature at a later date. Otherwise, the company would’ve likely denied the rumor flat out. With only a couple of months until the game’s release, it should be expected that fans will hear something sooner rather than later.

Mario Kart 8 releases on Nintendo Wii U on May 30. For a full list of upcoming game releases, visit our release calender. And make sure to tell us what you make of the non-denial denial of the feature in the comment section below.


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